Bali will soon celebrate the opening of the new Bali International Hospital in Sanur.

The huge medical complex will be one of the finest private hospitals in Indonesia and is set to help boost medical tourism on the island.

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Sanur is a classic coastal resort in Bali.

The area was an obvious choice for the development of a special economic zone, and over the last five years, high investments have been funneled into the area to Sanur, and the changes will stagger old-timer Bali lovers familiar with the resort from back in the day.

Investments have not only been made in constructing a state of the art international hospital, but huge renovations to existing infrastructure mean that Sanur has been given a whole new look.

The Bali International Hospital set to open its doors official in Q3 of 2024, with extensive testing and piloting of all equipment and programmes scheduled to get underway soon.

The Bali International Hospital stands on 67,4565 msq and spans over four floors. The facility will offer 239 in-patient beds, in action to 38 intensive care units.

Surgical procedures will be conducted across a suite of 8 operating theatres, with the sport of 4 cathlabs and five medical speciality wards including cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology and orthopaedics. 

A new video shared by the Bali International Hospital shows huge progress on the building.

The whole project is now really starting to look like a medical facility rather than a construction site.

Bali International Hospital wrote, “From enhancing our facilities to refining our care processes, every step we’ve taken is aimed at making your experience with us as comfortable as possible. We’re dedicated to your well-being, and we’re excited to continue this journey of improvement with you by our side.”

Located just 30 minutes away from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, the Bali International Hospital is perfectly positioned to support medical tourists in receiving the care they need with ease.

The facility is being created with the Mayo Clinic’s consultation to ensure that medical tourists and private Indonesian patients receive world-class care. 

The Sanur Special Economic Zone is being developed to ensure that tourists have everything they need within easy reach.

The Sanur now features two newly renovated hotels.

Both facilities can boast five-star status and will now be known by new names: Bali Beach Hotel and The Meru Sanur.

The Bali Beach Hotel is one of the most iconic heritage tourism facilities in Bali.

The hotel was the first hotel to be awarded a star in Bali and was the first multi-level hotel, too.

Speaking at the press opening for The Sanur, the Acting VP Corporate Secretary Hotel Indonesia Natour, Adianta Apriadi, told reporters that the hotel complex has even been renovated in such a way that preserves and elevates the famous building. 


Apriadi explains, “We are committed to maintaining historical values and promoting local Balinese wisdom in the development of The Sanur. Various historical relics at The Sanur are witnesses and icons of cultural heritage that tell the story of the development of Bali tourism since this hotel was built.”

The Sanur Special Economic Zone will be a resort not only for medical tourists but also for travelers seeking to access world-class wellness and holistic healthcare.

The Bali International Hospital gardens will showcase the finest ethnomedicinal botanical gardens in Indonesia.


The gardens will allow holistic healthcare practitioners and traditional Balinese healers and naturopaths to prescribe plants and natural remedies to support ongoing medical treatments or as alternative medicinal options in their own right. 


Bali is already known internationally as a world-class destination for health and wellness.

The new Bali International Hospital is set to position Bali as a leader in the medical tourism sector, providing an alternative destination for patients seeking medical care in Southeast Asia.