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In regard to establish company in Indonesia then Law number 40 year 2007 should be the legal basis in the performing of limited company in Indonesia, or it would be called as PT (Perseroan Terbatas). PT is a legal body that performing of join capital, established based on agreement (deed notary), to conduct such business purposes by using its capital either partial or whole capital which divided into shares and fulfilled all the conditions that stipulated by the regulation and its implementation. The term and conditions of establishment company such as name of the company (may be reserved before establishment), copy ID card, tax number (NPWP), family card (KK), line of business, total of authorized capital and value of each share.
The establishment of company shall be done before the notary and all article of association of the company may be reviewed by lawyer for sure.
In the term of running the business PT also has to obtain its business licenses such :

The approval from the Minister of Justice and Human Right.
This approval indicated that the company already in the performed of fully legal body, whereas the right and obligation of the shareholders is limited to its total of shares inside the company.

The domicile letter (SKTU)
The domicile letter of the company. This letter shall be issued by the head village whereas the company located, means the head village recognizes in its area the company located (SKTU)

Tax Number
NPWP (tax number), each company may register its company into tax office to get identity number of tax.

SIUP (Business license)

SIUP (SuratIzin Usaha Perdagangan)is a business license which issued by the local government via the Trade and Industry Department whereas the company located. SIUP applied for running the business based in Indonesian based on the Indonesian Business Classification Number (KLUI)

Based on the value of capital and asset value of the company excluding land and building and or paid capital of the company then SIUP should be classified to be :

SIUP Kecil, is owned by small scale business with assets more than Rp.50.000.000,- (fifty million rupiah) to Rp.500.000.000,- (five hundred million rupiah)

SIUP Menengah, is owned by middle scale business with the assets more than Rp.500.000.000 (five hundred million rupiah) to Rp.,- (then billion rupiah).

SIUP Besar, is owned by the big scale business with the assets more than Rp. (ten billion rupiah)

SITU and UUG/HO (nuisance act)
Nuisance act is under UndangUndangGangguan (Hinder Ordonantie/HO) is the approval given to the personal or legal body which running business in the danger area or it would create such dangerous, loss or interference.

TDP (TandaDaftar Perusahaan) Registration Company
TDP is a registration company which issued by the Trade and Industry Department whereas the company located.

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